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RE: Move selection up, down

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Move selection up, down
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 16:40:10 -0700

> >>> What will you do with `transpose-word', for instance, when 
> >>> there is an active region? I don't follow the suggestion.
> >>> How about some examples?
> >> Move the next or previous word (depending on which side of 
> >> the region you are on) to the other side of the region.
> >> Is not that a natural
> >> extension?
> > 
> > Dunno. I would expect it instead to swap the region and the 
> > next or previous word, leaving the separator chars between
> > them. `transpose-word' recognizes intervening non-word chars
> > (any number), and swaps the words around them.
> Isn't that the same thing?

It depends on what you meant. If that's what you meant, then it's the same
thing. ;-) 

But just moving the next or previous word to the other side of the region is
different from swapping their places around the separators.

region sep word

1. word region sep 
(word moved to other side of region)

2. word sep region
(word and region swapped around separator)

I thought perhaps you meant #1. I described #2.

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