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Re: auto-refresh TAGS file on ChangeLog mod?

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: auto-refresh TAGS file on ChangeLog mod?
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 10:11:59 -0600
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David> I don't see why my method would lead to more customisation.

The reason I chose the approach I did is that I thought it would be
convenient, in the long run, to have all source trees use the same
approach.  My thinking was a "make" based approach or the like means
teaching Emacs about the differences each time.

Also, you have to consider non-srcdir builds.  In this setup (which is
basically the only one I use daily, typical for GNU toolchain work),
Emacs doesn't know where to run make.  Instead, somebody has to tell

Finally, in my view this was related to making Emacs more "eclipsey"
-- with eclipse you can check out a source tree and be ready to go.  I
thought it would be fun to do something like have Emacs notice that I
opened a file in a tree with a .retags file, then fire up retags and
open the TAGS file (in some new tree-local mode).

David> At the moment, etags cannot replace the entries in TAGS for a
David> given file. I suggest adding this, so that we can call etags
David> --replace index.php, which will extract tags from index.php,
David> and then replace index.php's entry in TAGS with the tags found.

I have a patch for this if you want it.  It makes -u work for the TAGS


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