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Re: Specifying mode in file variables trouble

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: Specifying mode in file variables trouble
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 15:47:24 -0400

    I am not sure. I liked html+php-mode better.

    Maybe using the name php-mode would also create confusion since the name
    is already in use.

I don't see the problem.  Would anyone now in the habit of running
`pho-mode' be disappointed after this change?

    I have suggested a different solution to this quite general problem. I
    think a list of major mode priorities would be better. I have
    implemented that in majmodpri.el which I am resending here.

I do not see how majmodpri would help solve this problem.
It does not seem relevant.

Here's the scenario: the user visits a file called foo.php which
contains code in various languages.  How do you propose for Emacs
to pick the right major mode?

I proposed two solutions:

* Always call `php-mode', and define `php-mode' using mumamo to handle
all the languages that can be in a PHP file.

* Always call `php-mode', and define `php-mode' to handle all the
languages that are found in this PHP file.

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