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suddenly part of vm not working

From: John covici
Subject: suddenly part of vm not working
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 00:47:18 -0400

Hi.  This may be a bit off topic, I hope you can help me either fix or
work around this bug.

I have been using vm for years, through many versions ofemacs and even
23.0.60 -- it did work for a while, now every time I visit a certain
virtual folder I get the following error:

Wrong type argument: sequencep, 40

How can I trace this out, or is it something which is known so I can
fix it -- I know vm has not been maintained for a while?

Thanks -- any advice would be appreciated.

Your life is like a penny.  You're going to lose it.  The question is:
How do
you spend it?

         John Covici

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