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Emacs (HEAD) crash on M$ (XP) built with MinGW

From: dhruva
Subject: Emacs (HEAD) crash on M$ (XP) built with MinGW
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 18:08:15 +0530

 I am still seeing the elusive and infrequent crash. I open a 'C'
file, maximize the frame and use the page down to scroll down or down
arrow. I keep hitting this crash off and now. The tried getting 'xbt'
and could not. I will keep trying again and get some extra

(gdb) bt
#0  0x0103ca47 in next_element_from_string (it=0x82e1ac) at xdisp.c:6263
#1  0x0103b03e in get_next_display_element (it=0x82e1ac) at xdisp.c:5655
#2  0x0103591d in init_from_display_pos (it=0x82e1ac, w=0x38f0e00,
pos=0x3af23e0) at xdisp.c:3035
#3  0x01035958 in init_to_row_start (it=0x82e1ac, w=0x38f0e00,
row=0x3af23a0) at xdisp.c:3054
#4  0x0104e230 in try_window_reusing_current_matrix (w=0x38f0e00) at
#5  0x0104baa4 in redisplay_window (window=59706884,
just_this_one_p=1) at xdisp.c:13784
#6  0x01047d6f in redisplay_window_1 (window=59706884) at xdisp.c:12264
#7  0x01021b55 in internal_condition_case_1 (bfun=0x1047d42
<redisplay_window_1>, arg=59706884, handlers=44971509, hfun=0x1047cea
<redisplay_window_error>) at eval.c:1559
#8  0x01047087 in redisplay_internal (preserve_echo_area=0) at xdisp.c:11882
#9  0x010453c1 in redisplay () at xdisp.c:11016
#10 0x01008d95 in read_char (commandflag=1, nmaps=6, maps=0x82f890,
prev_event=44988417, used_mouse_menu=0x82fa44, end_time=0x0) at
#11 0x01012af4 in read_key_sequence (keybuf=0x82fc58, bufsize=30,
prompt=44988417, dont_downcase_last=0, can_return_switch_frame=1,
fix_current_buffer=1) at keyboard.c:9343
#12 0x010064ba in command_loop_1 () at keyboard.c:1621
#13 0x01021a56 in internal_condition_case (bfun=0x100618f
<command_loop_1>, handlers=45052169, hfun=0x1005b8c <cmd_error>) at
#14 0x01005ed8 in command_loop_2 () at keyboard.c:1338
#15 0x01021566 in internal_catch (tag=45048241, func=0x1005eb8
<command_loop_2>, arg=44988417) at eval.c:1247
#16 0x01005e8f in command_loop () at keyboard.c:1317
#17 0x01005792 in recursive_edit_1 () at keyboard.c:942
#18 0x01005900 in Frecursive_edit () at keyboard.c:1004
#19 0x0100281c in main (argc=1, argv=0xa42f30) at emacs.c:1728


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