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Re: vc-git-show-log-entry

From: Eric Hanchrow
Subject: Re: vc-git-show-log-entry
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 08:09:54 -0700
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Your patch seems to work, but I notice something I don't like:

* I typed C-x C-f /usr/local/src/emacs-via-git/lisp/vc-git.el RET,
  visiting a file that is part of a git working tree (by an astounding
  coincidence, it's the very file we're hacking!)
* I typed C-x v g to annotate the file
* I moved point to a  more or less random line, and typed "l"

I did indeed see point move to that line's commit in the *vc-change-log*
buffer ... albeit slowly (presumably since it takes git-log rather a
long time to run).  What's really bad is that the next time I typed "l"
in the same annotated buffer, it _again_ took a long time; I think it
re-ran "git log" even though there was already a perfectly good
*vc-change-log* buffer.

I haven't figured out why this is happening.

My version seems to have this problem, too, for what it's worth.
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