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RE: question about `quit-char'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: question about `quit-char'
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 12:15:39 -0700

> > Just bind to C-g:
> >   (define-key map "\C-g" 'foo-bar)
> > 
> > We do this all over the lisp/ tree anyway, and this isn't going to
> > change before the release.
> Wouldn't it be better for Drew to write a function using his 
> own recipe and use that? Then it would still work if the whole
> quit-char thing will be implemented later.
> (The crucial difference relative to your view is that Drew distribute
> his libraries separately from Emacs and I believe he wants them to
> work in both new and old versions of Emacs. If not there will be a
> lot of extra trouble for him and the users of his libraries.)

See my reply to Chong Yidong.

I don't think I'm asking anything that is dependent on Emacs 23 or any other
release. The question is about whether and how to bind the quit character
instead of binding C-g (hard-coding).

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