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Re: Emacs Bazaar Repository II

From: John Arbash Meinel
Subject: Re: Emacs Bazaar Repository II
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 16:04:54 -0500
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Jason Earl wrote:
> Christian Faulhammer <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hi,
>> Daniel Clemente <address@hidden>:
>>>   The operation I use most is „log“: to see what's new, or if
>>> something was included or not, or when, or who did what when, etc. I
>>> have tested this second repository and also the first one. I used
>>> today's bzr (rev. 3788) and did several successive tests until the
>>> results stabilised.
>>  Which bzr version are you using?  1.8 improved log performance
>> according to the release notes.
>> V-Li
> I'm using bzr.dev and I get similar numbers for trunk on the emacs
> repository.  Of course, this is on an underpowered laptop, but I still
> have a hard time waiting over a minute for log information.
> time bzr log > /dev/null
> real    2m7.347s
> user    1m52.223s
> sys     0m1.152s
> Even worse, just getting the last 10 revisions is also ridiculously
> slow.
> time bzr log -r -10.. > /dev/null 
> real    1m5.250s
> user    0m59.520s
> sys     0m0.320s
> I didn't want to pile on with this particular complaint, as I know that
> it has been brought up before, but bzr log is really really slow on
> repositories with as many revisions as Emacs has.
> I really like bzr's log output, as it makes the branch merging very
> clear, but I really wish I knew of a sensible way to just get the last
> few changes on a branch.
> Jason Earl

Try "bzr log --short -r -10..-1 >/dev/null"

It should be surprisingly faster. I've been working with Vincent a
little bit to try and make our log layout and numbering not require
reading the whole ancestry.

Also, you might try using "--development2" format. At least if you want
to see an interesting comparison. Specifically, --development2 changes
the index format, which makes certain parts of "load-the-whole-ancestry"
perform a lot better. Obviously the best fix is to get rid of the
O(ancsetry) operation, but you can do some things to mitigate it in the
short term.

(With a recent bzr.dev or I believe bzr-1.8, you should be able to copy
your existing repository and just "bzr upgrade --development2")

If you are willing to do it, it would be interesting to see the result.


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