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Re: Emacs 21/22: french ç and œ

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Emacs 21/22: french ç and œ
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 22:26:05 +0200

> From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
> Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 10:05:55 -0400
> Cc: address@hidden
> > As for ispell: I am not sure whether this can be solved on the level of
> > lisp or whether somehow the ispell code itself has to be modified.
> That I don't know.  If we use latin-1 to communicatr with ispell, then
> we need to check that it's indeed correct (maybe ispell expects
> latin-9).  If ispell indeed expects latin-1, then the problem is
> in ispell.

IIRC, Ispell supports only single-byte encodings.  As such, the
encoding it expects is the same encoding used for the dictionary from
which the *.hash file was produced.  If the dictionary was encoded in
Latin-1, that is what Ispell will expect for that dictionary.

To have a Latin-9 dictionary, one needs to recode it, and then produce
a .hash file and add an entry to ispell-dictionary-base-alist for the
new dictionary, stating the correct encoding.

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