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Re: emacs client/server mode hardcodes /tmp path

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: emacs client/server mode hardcodes /tmp path
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 11:03:49 -0400
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>> Please just leave it as 100.  The rest of the code uses 100 everywhere.
> Not in emacsclient.c. In src/, I see 100 mostly used as

>   char tmp_buf[100];

> and similar; but as a size for alloca (), xmalloc () etc. it appears
> only a few times, alone or as part of an expression.

Whether it's for a static or dynamic allocation doesn't matter: the
places where some arbitrary number is used, it's usually 100.

>> Otherwise, define a macro (which you can set to 42 if you really insist)
>> and use it everywhere.

> I've already checked the patch with 32, which seems a fine default: a
> power of two and small (and it is used a few times already on
> emacsclient.c). 42 was obviously only a joke.

Actually 32 is no better than 42 or 100.  The important part is that
people shouldn't feel compelled to change 100 to 96 (or 32 to 28) when
they reduce a size by 4.

> But if you insist I can change all these 32 to 100. Or use a macro for
> all these EXTRA_SPACE, if you suggest a good name for it.

EXTRA_SPACE sounds fine,


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