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Re: how do you track down emacs memory leaks?

From: Ami Fischman
Subject: Re: how do you track down emacs memory leaks?
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 07:24:19 -0800

> Does this problem only show up when you use gnus?


> Could you try keeping
> another Emacs session around for other non-gnus usage, and see if it
> leaks memory?

I have and it doesn't.  At least not nearly at the rate that the
gnus-using session does.

I updated my version of gnus from ngnus-0.10 to CVS head yesterday and
the leak seems to have slowed down significantly - only about 8MB
overnight.  So I suspect some trigger has been coincidentally
suppressed, but it seems that no elisp code should be able to cause
emacs to grow in memory usage disproportional to the numbers reported
by memory-usage, so there is still probably a lurking leak in emacs.

Do you have any tools/techniques you use to track down C-level leaks?
Do you have any tools/techniques to attribute the numbers in
memory-usage?  I.e. if you see "bytes in cons cells" go up
dramatically, any way to take snapshots of this data and then analyze
the difference visually or programmatically?


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