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Changes to windows.texi

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Changes to windows.texi
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2008 15:31:40 +0100
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I now rewrote windows.texi a bit including the following changes:

- Two new nodes covering dedicated windows and window parameters.

- Window balancing and the buffer-local interpretation of
  window-configuration-change-hook added.

- An entry for window-point-insertion-type was added but needs a line
  telling why this is useful.

- The attributes listing stuff in *Basic Windows* was removed because it
  was inaccurate and not very useful (IMHO), and took away some space.
  If people think it's needed, I'll resurrect and update it.

- The redisplay-end-trigger stuff was left alone.  I suppose this should
  be removed as soon as an appropriate section has been added to font

- I have not done much in the scrolling department.  Someone more
  familiar with the subject should see into this (candidates are the new
  behavior of scroll-preserve-screen-position and recenter-top-bottom).

Thanks in advance to everyone who intends to polish up the style of
these changes.  The ChangeLog entry should hint at what has been
mistreated most.


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