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Re: size of emacs executable after unicode merge

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Re: size of emacs executable after unicode merge
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 13:17:37 -0500
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Okay, I did a bit more digging.

I think the increase in the size of the Emacs executable is not due to
the allocation of char-tables.  In particular, I've tried this

> One idea is to have a single boolean vector of size #x110000
> (139264 bytes), setup it for CHARSET everytime when we call
> map-charset-chars for the different charset.  In that
> vector, only the bit for #x3000, #x3001, #x3002, etc are 1
> for chinese-gb2312.  Then map-charset-chars can know for
> which characters FUNCTION must be called.

but it appears to free a negligible about of memory.

My current hypothesis is that it's the calls to modify-category-entry
and modify-syntax-entry themselves that are responsible for the increase
in space.  The extra memory is in the standard-category-table and
standard-syntax-table data structures.

OTOH, I don't any easy way to reduce this data size.  The only
possibility I can think is to set up a new mechanism to load-defer parts
of the syntax and category tables, which doesn't seem feasible for the
immediate future.

Any ideas?

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