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Re: VC commit missing ChangeLog message

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: VC commit missing ChangeLog message
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 20:56:40 -0500
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>>> I see your point and agree.  How about this patch to just call
>>> log-edit-insert-changelog?  I call it regardless of the SETUP parameter,
>>> but it could follow the erase-buffer call instead.

SM> I'd rather just change the default value of the hook, so that users can
SM> remove that entry from the hook if they don't want it run.

> Wait, the hook already calls it.  For me it doesn't work, though (which
> is why I started this thread).  Something is breaking in the changelog
> entry detection logic.  It worked when I did C-c C-a (without C-u)
> manually.  It must have been the logic that applies C-u if C-c C-a is
> called twice in a row; I must have hit the key twice without realizing
> it.  So the problem is actually that the default logic doesn't detect my
> ChangeLog entry, not that log-edit-insert-changelog is not called.  Argh.

It's probably the `setup' argument together with the
log-edit-invert-setup confg variable.  It's rather messy and the main
purpose was to preserve 100% behavioral-compatibility while introducing
new features.

But I think I agree that the setup should simply always happen and the
user can then use the log-edit-hook to control what kind of setup he
wants to take place.


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