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Re: C-x C-b and C-x C-f bugging about confirmation

From: Gilaras Drakeson
Subject: Re: C-x C-b and C-x C-f bugging about confirmation
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 06:16:27 -0500
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> why on earth does C-x C-b and C-x C-f ask me to confirm when I wish to
> open a new buffer/file?

It also happens to me to mistype a buffer/file name, and I like the
current behaviour better than the old one. However I think it would make
a better habit to assign something like C-RET or M-RET to "force create
a new buffer/file", and always present a y-or-n-p for plain RET when the
entered buffer/file-name does not exist.

Also, maybe auto-insert can advise the y-or-n-p used there to something
that asks for:
y,e (empty, no auto-insert),
n (cancel),
a,i (for auto-insert), 
s (select which template to insert), 
? (help).


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