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filename coding systems and w32-*-file-name functions

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: filename coding systems and w32-*-file-name functions
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 02:38:56 +0100

Is this to be expected (I don't think so) or should I file a bug report?

ELISP> temporary-file-directory

ELISP> (w32-long-file-name temporary-file-directory)
"c:/Documents and Settings/Juanma/Configuraci\363n local/Temp/"

ELISP> (decode-coding-string (w32-long-file-name
temporary-file-directory) file-name-coding-system)
#("c:/Documents and Settings/Juanma/Configuración local/Temp/" 0 58
  (charset windows-1252))                 ;;; this one is the correct name

ELISP> (let ((dir (read-directory-name "Dir: ")))    ;;; c:/acción
         (list dir
               (w32-short-file-name dir)
               (w32-long-file-name dir)))
("c:/acción/" nil nil)

ELISP> (let ((dir (read-directory-name "Dir: ")))    ;;; c:/accion
         (list dir
               (w32-short-file-name dir)
               (w32-long-file-name dir)))
("c:/accion/" "c:/accion/" "c:/accion/")

So it seems like w32-(long|short)-file-name have issues with coding
systems and should use (default-)file-name-coding-system.


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