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Re: your vc-hg.el change

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: your vc-hg.el change
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 10:59:17 +0900

Chong Yidong writes:

 > But I don't think this currently applies to any VC system, as far as I
 > know (again, I haven't checked for all the different VC systems).

I don't know if it (== multiple versions provided by Debian et al)
applies to Darcs or bzr, but both of those have serious cross-version
incompatibilities and "I can't/won't upgrade" is a regular theme on
both lists.  The ability to easily test user-installed versions
provided by the defcustom is very useful to their users.

 > However, this is not an urgent matter

For bzr, it is mildly important *not* to change the status quo.  Emacs
developers especially will be hurt if bzr doesn't allow pointing to a
user-installed bzr, as every recent bzr release has improved

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