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Integrate shell.el with multi-shell.el

From: Andy Stewart
Subject: Integrate shell.el with multi-shell.el
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 10:21:00 +0800
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Hi all,

shell.el is a great shell in Emacs.
But it have some point not very convenient:

| 1-> Have a good method to manage multiple shell-buffer create and
| switch.
| 2-> Don't handle close buffer when type "exit" in shell-buffer.
| 3-> Don't interrupt the sub-process before kill shell-buffer forcible.
| 4-> Don't revert window configuration after completion window popup,
| i mean shell.el just can rever window configuration after first
| completion, it can't revert window configuration if you completion many times.

And multi-shell.el have those extension feature with shell.el
I have attached newest version of shell.el

I want integrate shell.el with multi-shell.el
I have sign copyright of FSF.

Any suggestions?


  -- Andy

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