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Re: dir-locals.el take precedence over user's mode-hook changes

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: dir-locals.el take precedence over user's mode-hook changes
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 22:52:55 +0200
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> Dan> If the user really really wants to override the settings doesn't
> Dan> rm .dir-locals.el
> Dan> or
> Dan> changing the contents of .dir-locals.el
> Dan> work well enough?
> My intent was for projects to check these into version control.
> So, removing them is not always ok.
> As I recall you can set up your own local definition for a project to
> override the project's file, though.  This is somewhat inconvenient,
> but it ought to work.

I agree with Stefan that the current order of calling a hook and
setting local variables (either dired-local or file-local) is wrong.

Another problem with the current order is that it is impossible to use
`bug-reference-mode' on ChangeLog files.  We already have a local variable
`bug-reference-url-format' set in Local Variables to the string
(BTW, this file-local variable should be moved to .dir-locals.el)

And when I try to enable `bug-reference-mode' using the following hook:

  (add-hook 'change-log-mode-hook 'bug-reference-mode)

it never gets enabled because `bug-reference-mode' tests whether
a variable `bug-reference-url-format' is non-nil before enabling this mode,
and this variable is not yet set because it gets initialized later in

Juri Linkov

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