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Re: Should `auto-fill-function' be a safe local variable?

From: Richard M Stallman
Subject: Re: Should `auto-fill-function' be a safe local variable?
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 06:38:01 -0500

    > If nobody makes use of the potential to specify different kinds of
    > auto-filling functions, perhaps we should replace it with a boolean
    > variable `auto-fill-mode'.

    Several major modes do make use of this potential.

We could also add a local variable `auto-fill-mode' to enable
and disable the mode, and have `auto-fill-function' by default
have the usual function for auto-filling.  Then a major mode
could set `auto-fill-function' to specify HOW to do auto-fill
when it is enabled.


I think it is a bad idea for a file to enable auto filling
in its local variables list, because that's a user preference
rather than a description of the file's format.

I think the OP wanted to a file disable auto filling, not enable it.
MAYBE that really does represent some info about the file's format.
We could make nil a safe value for `auto-fill-function'
and it would allow this.

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