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Re: Emacs trunk(+AUCTeX) regressions

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: Emacs trunk(+AUCTeX) regressions
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2009 18:49:08 +0100

* Angelo Graziosi (2009-02-01) writes:

> To reproduce the things I have attached a tarball which contains a .tex 
> file to be used under Emacs+AUCTeX and a skeleton of my ".emacs" file. 

It was a bit tricky to untar it because even though it has a .bz2
extension it is not compressed.

Anyway, activating the Imenu facilities as shown in your .emacs file
(setting `imenu-auto-rescan' and `imenu-auto-rescan-maxout' as well as
adding the Imenu menu) and typing a character at the end of the sample
file I got the following results:

Function Name                           Call Count  Elapsed Time  Average Time
======================================  ==========  ============  ============
imenu-update-menubar                    16          0.906322      0.056645125
imenu--make-index-alist                 1           0.905833      0.905833
LaTeX-imenu-create-index-function       1           0.905628      0.905628
re-search-backward                      27          0.8893579999  0.0329391851
LaTeX-outline-level                     23          0.0115990000  0.0005043043
LaTeX-outline-name                      23          0.002258      9.817...e-05
LaTeX-outline-offset                    23          0.001095      4.760...e-05
LaTeX-largest-level                     23          0.0003670000  1.595...e-05
imenu--truncate-items                   1           0.000117      0.000117
LaTeX-outline-regexp                    1           7.2e-05       7.2e-05

`LaTeX-imenu-create-index-function' searches from the bottom of the
buffer all the way up to its top with `re-search-backward' in order to
find LaTeX sectioning commands for the index.  This can obviously take
some time in large files.

I haven't tested with another version of Emacs and so I have no idea if
the the change in Emacs you mentioned affected the performance of
`re-search-backward' or if something else caused the slowdown in your


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