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Re: bug#2137: 23.0.60; Saving Rmail buffer does not show the "Saving fil

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: bug#2137: 23.0.60; Saving Rmail buffer does not show the "Saving file ..." message
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2009 20:35:12 -0500
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>     In an Rmail buffer, type "C-x C-s" to save it: you will almost never
>     see the usual "Saving file FOO..." message, because buffer-soze,
>     called by save-buffer, returns the size of the current message, not of
>     the entire message collection.

> The clean way to fix this is with something like `buffer-swapped-with'.

> I did not remember the existence of this feature when I recommended
> implementing `buffer-swapped-with', so I can't really say "I told you
> so."  But there is a general tendency that these sorts of features
> need to be checked and acted on in various places in the code, and
> most of them don't have any hooks.

This problem at least simply points to a current bug in save-buffer.
Maybe with buffer-swapped-with you could work around the bug rather than
fixing it.  Or even fail to see that it's a general bug rather than
a problem with buffer-swapped-with.  I'm not sure it's a benefit.


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