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process-attributes patch

From: Miles Bader
Subject: process-attributes patch
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 19:13:00 +0900

The attached patch renames "system-process-attributes" to
"process-attributes", and adds the ability to use emacs process objects
as well as pids:

  (1) Change the signature of the system-specific
      system_process_attributes functions so that the argument is of
      type pid_t, instead of Lisp_Object, and accordingly removes the
      Lisp_Object->pid_t conversion code from those functions.

  (2) Add a "process_pid" function in process.c that contains the
      process->pid mapping code which used to be in Fsignal_process.
      process_pid also accepts straight process-ids.

  (3) Change Fsignal_process to use process_pid and remove the old
      inline code which did the same thing.

  (4) Rename Fsystem_process_attributes to Fprocess_attributes, and have
      it call process_pid to convert a process object to a pid.

  (5) Change the callers of system-process-attributes (basically proced)
      to use process-attributes instead.


Attachment: process-attributes-20090203-0.patch
Description: process-attributes-20090203-0.patch

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