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Re: Emacs-Lisp Bill-Board

From: Gilaras Drakeson
Subject: Re: Emacs-Lisp Bill-Board
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 06:51:44 -0500
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> [...]
> Or to say it otherwise: There are lots of peaces of
> code, see `map-file-lines' published on emacs-devel
> yesterday, which look perfectly useful for people
> knowing Emacs Lisp, regardless of an upcoming
> implementation.
> [...]
> I've thought at a kind of bill-board, where everyone
> interested might pin his code onto it.
> An account on launchpad seems suitable for that task.
> People should get push-permission on a low level,
> anyone interested basically.

How about designing a mechanism from within Emacs to search, browse,
post (push and then announce it somewhere), install, uninstall and
update a piece of code from launchpad? (or adapting elpa + rmail +
something else to do all this)


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