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Re: Emacs-Lisp Bill-Board

From: Daniel Clemente
Subject: Re: Emacs-Lisp Bill-Board
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2009 11:27:41 +0100
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  EmacsWiki was suggested as the natural place to share code snippets, but not 
appropriate because of possible unwanted edits and because it doesn't integrate 
well with our tools (version control, Emacs, ...).

  I propose to reimplement EmacsWiki using org-mode pages. Org-mode ( 
http://orgmode.org/ ) is an oficial Emacs mode to take notes, define tasks to 
do, schedule appointments and deadlines, publish to several formats, and more. 
It uses just a plain text file with as much markup as you want. Version control 
works thus very well with .org files.

  This combination would do it:
- a Bazaar repository. This is where access control is done
- several .org files in it; including global pages with Emacs information and 
also personal pages with information and the each user's task list if they want.
- a script which export these pages to HTML (this is already done; see below)
- a web interface so that users can edit pages in a web browser

  A special branch or directory with restricted access could be used to hold 
the accepted code for inclusion with Emacs. Emacs could then branch this 
directory. Either this is restricted to people who signed the FSF papers, or 
some script is included in Emacs to download this branch at will.
  There can be a global section and also personal pages, where each users 
tracks their Emacs-related tasks (schedules, deadlines, TODOs, links to 
discussions, ...). Hey, even bugs could be discussed and fixed in Org better 
than in a bug tracker! Note that you get all the typical Emacs eye-candy while 
you are editing .org files: gnus, remember, bbdb, vc, diary, appt, ...

  Of course, other files could also be tracked and shared, like export scripts. 
Org-mode even includes an attachment system which can help organize files and 
add any metadata you want. Source code can be edited in place (with syntax 
colouring) or attached in files.

  This is not an utopia; this is already being used in Worg, a repository of 
pages related to Org-mode.
  Its main page is: http://orgmode.org/worg/
  You can fetch this branch (read-only) with: git clone 

  Registered users can push to that branch easily, can fork from that branch, 
merge again, etc.

  What is missing is a web interface to that repository which allows to commit 
each change that. But I understand that this is already what EmacsWiki does, 
since it commits everything to a repository 
(http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/SVN_repository). The new EmacsWiki branch could 
even import this Subversion branch.

  Many users have been contributing to Worg and it has been useful. It is a 
working demo of what EmacsWiki could do; in the future, maybe Worg is just a 
part of the greater EmacsWiki...


Andreas Roehler <address@hidden> writes:

> Emacs-Lisp capabilities:
> I feel a certain gap between the relative easiness, to
> write a peace of code for personal use and the
> dimension of the question, to implement that in
> (SX)Emacs.
> Altogether with the question if such an implementation
> is recommendable at all.
> Or to say it otherwise: There are lots of peaces of
> code, see `map-file-lines' published on emacs-devel
> yesterday, which look perfectly useful for people
> knowing Emacs Lisp, regardless of an upcoming
> implementation.
> Needles to say: during development process only a
> part of that kind of proposals will find its way
> into the distribution.
> There is some loss, as even these ideas, which don't
> prove fit for implementation,
> may be helpful for other programmers.
> I've thought at a kind of bill-board, where everyone
> interested might pin his code onto it.
> An account on launchpad seems suitable for that task.
> People should get push-permission on a low level,
> anyone interested basically.
> Right or wrong? Someone interested?
> Andreas Röhler
> --
> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~a-roehler/python-mode/python-mode.el/files
> https://code.launchpad.net/s-x-emacs-werkstatt/

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