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Re: Emacs HEAD regressions

From: sand
Subject: Re: Emacs HEAD regressions
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 20:52:05 -0800

Angelo Graziosi writes:
> It seems that recently someone [1,2,3] is flagging different problems
> with a common base: performance.
> I have tried to reproduce the test case in [3]. In my case, surely I
> have misinterpreted something because compiling exits abnormally with
> code 127 BUT...

Anything that can generate 6kB lines in your complation buffer should
do.  Try calling a shell script that writes the long line.  For me, it
was a long compilation line from "make".

> with Emacs CVS <= 20090129 15:40 it takes 2 seconds
> with current HEAD it takes 11 seconds to exit
> For the record: changing ONLY the new 'emacs' executable with the older,
> works just fine.

I was also able to narrow it down to around that date.

  cvs up -D 2009-01-29

works fine with my test case,

  cvs up -D 2009-01-30

is slow with my test case.  The datestamps here are from a machine in
the US/Pacific time zone.


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