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Re: reenabling icomplete operation during read-buffer

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: reenabling icomplete operation during read-buffer
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2009 21:11:35 -0500
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> i noticed that icomplete stopped operating during, eg,
> switch-to-buffer, in my CVS checkouts a good while back.  i'm finally
> getting around to investigating, and see that read-buffer &c fail this
> condition in icomplete-simple-completing-p:

>        (or t (not (functionp minibuffer-completion-table))
>            (eq icomplete-with-completion-tables t)
>            (member minibuffer-completion-table
>                          icomplete-with-completion-tables))))

> i believe i (or someone) put that in to weed out complicated
> situations where casual use of completion may be prohibitive, for
> instance, during file-name read operations where the filesystem could
> be remote or otherwise mediated.  the thing is, this inhibition is not
> necessary for buffer-name-reading situations, but i haven't figured
> out a good way to recognize that situation, in order to reframe the
> above condition to allow for it.  can anyone suggest a good way to do
> so?  or am i heading in the wrong direction?

The best fix AFAIK is to set icomplete-with-completion-tables to
t (i.e. to just drop this whole condition).  After all, icomplete's code
is now run within a while-no-input, so even access to remote filesystems
shouldn't be problematic (this was new in Emacs-22, IIRC).


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