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Re: translation-table-for-input

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: translation-table-for-input
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 16:58:54 -0500
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> I ended up removing the make-obsolete-variable call for
> translation-table-for-input, and instead added a blurb to its doc
> string to discourage its use for unification purposes.

Please don't.  If you really want to fix the warning then either use
with-no-warnings, or just remove the whole feature.
But don't just remove the call to make-obsolete-variable.

> No, it's not obsolete.

The "obsolete" thingy mostly means "slated for removal", AFAIC.  So,
yes, it is "obsolete" because I plan to remove it altogether.

> Its use for character code unification is obsolete, but otherwise
> having a possibility to translate the output of an input method is
> a valuable feature.

I see no such evidence.

> I understand Handa-san objected to deleting it in the past.

Yes, simply out of fear that someone somewhere might use it.  Hence the
`make-obsolete-variable' so aso to warn people that if they use it, they
should come and see us because the feature may disappear.


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