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RE: scroll-margin - does it work as advertized?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: scroll-margin - does it work as advertized?
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 13:51:09 -0800

> > I've read the doc (Emacs and Elisp manuals, and doc string) for
> > `scroll-margin', and what I understand from that doc doesn't seem to
> > correspond to the behavior I see.  If others don't think there is
> > a bug, then perhaps someone can help me understand better how this
> > option works.
> I don't have time to dig into it, but IIUC this part of the code has
> historically been difficult to implement correctly (as well 
> as to figure out the detailed meaning of each such option and how it 
> should interact with others).
> So, my money's on the "bug" or "misfeature" explanation.

Thanks for the confirmation, at least.

Too bad about the buggy behavior and the doc mismatch. Apparently this has been
a problem since the introduction of the feature (`scroll-margin' etc.) in Emacs
22. If no one has the time to understand it and fix it, perhaps this code should
be reverted to pre-Emacs 22?

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