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Re: fail on osx between 2/4/2009 and 2/5/2009

From: Adrian Robert
Subject: Re: fail on osx between 2/4/2009 and 2/5/2009
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 12:30:48 +0200

You have expressed reservations because you feel the port tries to
do things in a different way from the rest of emacs, but that is not
really accurate.  It would be counterproductive.  As I've said
before, the port aims for clean, clear code taking into account both
other ports' approaches and the fact that Cocoa is an OO API.  It's
not always going to fit as well as Carbon or X, but it has been

Could you give some concrete examples of the "improvement" by the use
of OO in the Cocoa/GNUstep port?

The "improving" I meant was getting the NS port code more parallel with code in other ports, compared to the state, say, a year ago. Despite some tension arising from the fact that the other ports interface with non-OO and lower-level APIs on the platform's side.

  And if you read the code of my
Carbon+AppKit port, you will notice the difference is not in OO vs.

Is that code available to read somewhere?

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