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Re: request: make-frame-visible hook

From: John J Foerch
Subject: Re: request: make-frame-visible hook
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 19:01:11 -0500
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Lynbech Christian <address@hidden> writes:
> I do not know if you caught this, just want to make sure that you do,
> but as Stefan hinted you can fix the problem yourself. Just make sure
> dframe is loaded, overwrite the entry with your own function which runs
> a hook where you then stores anything that was in special-event-map
> before you put your own little function there.
> Alternatively you can consider using post-command-hook, this is run all
> the time and this particular problem should not pose a performance
> problem.

  Thank you for the ideas.  I am still hoping that at some point in the
future emacs will have a general solution to the problem, because
letting users and modes use special-event-map without conflicts and
hacks seems simple, logical, and useful.  (Why does special-event-map
exist if we can't use it safely?)  I can implement
make-frame-visible-hook in my .emacs, and require dframe, etc, and I
will do that if it is the only way, but unfortunately this prevents me
from submitting my improvement to tracking-mode or erc-track for others
to use.

  As a side-note, post-command-hook will not help in this situation
because tracking-mode already uses window-configuration-change-hook, but
the need to call an arbitrary command to force an update is precisely
what I am trying to avoid.

Thank you.

John Foerch

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