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Re: Add "lisp/term/screen-256color.el" for GNU Screen's 256 color mode?

From: presto08
Subject: Re: Add "lisp/term/screen-256color.el" for GNU Screen's 256 color mode?
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 23:22:58 +0200

Stefan Monnier kirjoitti 20.2.2009 kello 23.10:

(load "term/xterm")

(defun terminal-init-screen ()
 "Terminal initialization function for screen."
 ;; Use the xterm color initialization code.

I tried this on my local setup, and it seems to work with
a "screen-256color" terminal -- all colors show up as expected with list-

Does it work also for non-256color screen?

Yes, in the sense that when TERM=screen Emacs starts up normally and doesn't complain about anything (and shows the normal eight colors for list-colors-display), if that is what you meant. Seems like reasonable behavior to me.

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