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Re: Add "lisp/term/screen-256color.el" for GNU Screen's 256 color mode?

From: presto08
Subject: Re: Add "lisp/term/screen-256color.el" for GNU Screen's 256 color mode?
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 20:44:26 +0200

Stefan Monnier kirjoitti 20.2.2009 kello 17.15:

Last year Trent W. Buck posted to emacs-devel notes about GNU Screen's 256 color mode and Emacs. To have Emacs recognize the "screen-256color" terminal and its full range of colors, the file "term/screen-256color.el" needs to be
in the load path. Trent wrote as follows:

Having a function terminal-init-screen in file screen-256color.el
doesn't make sense.  The function probably needs to be renamed to
terminal-init-screen-256color.  OTOH the file could probably be named
just term/screen.el (which would make sense if you consider that
"screen-256color" will probably turn into the standard "screen"
definition at some point in the future).

Also the `load' should probably be moved from inside to outside of the
function (tho, this is very minor).

I suppose it makes sense to rename it to "term/screen.el", and move the `load' outside of the function. So, here is a new version of "term/ screen.el":

(load "term/xterm")

(defun terminal-init-screen ()
  "Terminal initialization function for screen."
  ;; Use the xterm color initialization code.

I tried this on my local setup, and it seems to work with a "screen-256color" terminal -- all colors show up as expected with list- colors-display.

Would this make a good candidate for inclusion? I'm not really familiar enough with Emacs' terminal handling to be able to judge what the right thing to do is -- I would just like to see Emacs support screen-256color out of the box.

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