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A dynamic pattern-matching

From: Francois Fleuret
Subject: A dynamic pattern-matching
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 09:23:39 +0100

Dear Emacs developers,

I wrote a dynamic pattern-matching that restricts in real-time the
display of a list of items to the ones matching the typed
pattern. Since it uses a standard buffer it shows the said list over a
large visual space, which is very practical.

Among other things, it provides an efficient way of visiting a file
picked in recentf-list.

To try it, you just need the file selector.el attached and something
like this in your ~/.emacs.el

(when (load "selector" t)
  (define-key global-map [(control x) (control b)] 'selector/switch-buffer)
  (define-key global-map [(control x) (control q)] 'selector/quick-pick-recent)

As far as I could test, it works with emacs21, emacs22 and emacs CVS.


Francois Fleuret                            http://www.idiap.ch/~fleuret/

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