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Re: A dynamic pattern-matching

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: A dynamic pattern-matching
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2009 14:16:28 -0500
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> I wrote a dynamic pattern-matching that restricts in real-time the
> display of a list of items to the ones matching the typed
> pattern. Since it uses a standard buffer it shows the said list over a
> large visual space, which is very practical.

So, IIUC, it could be described as:

  like icomplete-mode except that
  1- the list of completions is shown in a separate buffer.
  2- that the cursor is shown in that separate buffer rather
     than in the minibuffer.
  3- that the current pattern is not shown in the minibuffer but in the
     header-line (or mode-line).
  4- that the completion is based on "substring match" rather than
     "prefix match".
  5- that you can specify an AND pattern.
  6- the API is slightly different from completing-read.

It looks interesting.  It'd be good to try and integrate it better with
the current completion code:
- it'd be easy to write a variant of icomplete-mode that addresses point
  1 by using a separate buffer (which we'd call "*Completions*").
- I don't think point 3 is important, right?
- I guess point 2 is also somewhat secondary, tho it's important to have
  a notion of "the currently selected entry" (this is also used in
  ido/ibuffer and is somewhat missing in the default completion code)
- point 4 can be simulated by adding a "*" at the beginning of
  the pattern.  Or we could add a `substring' completion-style.
- point 5 hopefully can be implemented as a completion-style.
- point 6... not sure: it seems like the difference might be important,
  along with the fact that the user may like to use this style of
  selection for some commands but not all.



PS: FWIW, when I tried

   (add-hook 'minibuffer-setup-hook 'sm-minibuffer-setup-hook)
   (defun sm-minibuffer-setup-hook ()
     (add-hook 'post-command-hook 'sm-completions-update nil t))
   (defun sm-completions-update ()
     (if (and minibuffer-completion-table
              (get-buffer-window "*Completions*" 'visible))

it seemed too slow to be bearable, so it would require some efforts to
speed things up.

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