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Re: ruby-mode : ruby-mode-set-encoding

From: Paul R
Subject: Re: ruby-mode : ruby-mode-set-encoding
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 09:25:24 +0100
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Hello Nobuyoshi,

Nobuyoshi> It's mandatory for Ruby 1.9 or later. Ruby 1.9 needs that
Nobuyoshi> "magic comment" to know in what encoding a script is written.
Nobuyoshi> Otherwise, the script is assumed as written with ASCII 7bit
Nobuyoshi> characters only, and non-ASCII character causes an exception
Nobuyoshi> if exists.

Fine, I did not relate it to 1.9 (that was recently released) because
I have seen this behaviour for monthes. I think the reason is that I was
using the svn version of ruby-mode.el. After reading the doc, it is
clear and I see indeed why now ruby wants to know file encoding before
parsing it.

Nobuyoshi> Could you elaborate the problem?

The problem simply was that I did not expect this behaviour, and did not
understand the motivation behind it.

Somebody mentionned some similarities with python. Should emacs provide
a standard mechanism to insert this tag for script language modes that
need it ?



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