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DocView ?

From: David A. Cobb
Subject: DocView ?
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2009 13:30:09 -0500
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Recently attempting to edit an Adobe PDF file, I read up on the format and opened it into emacs ( GTK+ as packaged in Ubuntu "emacs-snapshot.") I expected to see the textual content: %PDF-1.6 .....
Instead, WOW! emacs actually rendered the document.

The mode-line says "DocView" mode, and I can switch back and forth between rendition and text. I haven't yet found whether I can modify it and correctly render the changes. Before I can do that, I will need to decode the content streams contained in the original. Obviously (I think) the code is in there somewhere in order for emacs to render the thing.

Then, I tried finding something about this "DocView" in the Info system. Sorry, no cigar. Then I tried googling my way through gnu.org for something about DocView. No joy there either. Without some clue as to what I'm looking for, it is not likely I'll find it. And, without some Info help, it is not likely I can get full use out of it.

So, please, where do I find the code libraries and the documentation for this capability?

David A. Cobb, retired mainframe t-rex.

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