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(window-system) returns nil on after-make-frame-functions when creating

From: Mike Mattie
Subject: (window-system) returns nil on after-make-frame-functions when creating an X frame
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 10:02:12 -0700
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The behavior of (window-system) as it stands has a corner-case that
does not make sense.

I run a function on after-make-frame-functions that loads my GUI configuration
(previously discussed).

To make sure it runs only when a X frame is created, vs. a TTY I would check
that it is an X frame.

To do this I called (window-system) which normally returns "x". It is not
the best idea, but intuitively after the X frame is created it would sensibly
return "x".

Currently it returns nil. When (window-system) is evaluated in the scratch
buffer sometime after the frame is made, well after after-make-frame-functions
it does indeed return "x".

Though my use in this case is not advised, I think the current behavior in
this scenario does not make sense.

Mike Mattie

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