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Re: fontset/font change

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: fontset/font change
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 22:05:18 +0800
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Miles Bader wrote:
I have been using the following bit of code in my .emacs:

   ;; ugh... force use of Droid Sans Fallback for all non-roman chars
   (let ((fontset (frame-parameter nil 'font)))
     (unless (equal fontset "tty")
       (set-fontset-font fontset 'unicode "Droid Sans Fallback")))

As of today, it no longer seems to work (because the fontset names seem
to be different now, and no longer match the font name).
As of now, something still seems to be broken (see bug#2637).

On Windows, I get the message "Can't set a font for partial ASCII range." This seems to be coming from line 1511 of fontset.c, while processing one of these lines (maybe the latin-jisx0201 line) from term/w32-win.el; TARGET is the integer 33:

 ;; Enable Japanese fonts on Windows to be used by default.
 (set-fontset-font t (make-char 'katakana-jisx0201)
           '("*" . "JISX0208-SJIS"))
 (set-fontset-font t (make-char 'latin-jisx0201)
           '("*" . "JISX0208-SJIS"))
 (set-fontset-font t (make-char 'japanese-jisx0208)
           '("*" . "JISX0208-SJIS"))
 (set-fontset-font t (make-char 'japanese-jisx0208-1978)
           '("*" . "JISX0208-SJIS"))

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