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questions about `fontset-font'

From: Miles Bader
Subject: questions about `fontset-font'
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 23:52:38 +0900

Now that I see `t' can be used to mean "default fontset" (kinda?), I
tried using the `fontset-font' function; but sometimes the results
appear odd, and seem different than how emacs renders:

Again, my default font is "Droid Sans Mono", which has a fair number of
common character, but not CJK; I (now) use the following statement in my
.emacs to render various other chars in "Droid Sans Fallback":

    (set-fontset-font t 'unicode "Droid Sans Fallback")

I tried the following queries:

(fontset-font t ?a)
  => ("Droid Sans Fallback")
... but emacs renders "a" using the default font, "Droid Sans Mono"

(fontset-font t ?¥)
  => ("clearlyu" . "iso10646-1")
... but emacs again renders "¥" using the default font, "Droid Sans Mono"

(fontset-font t ?字)
  => ("clearlyu" . "iso10646-1")
... bizarre... emacs renders "字" using "Droid Sans Fallback", as per my

I don't know why it's returning "clearlyu" anyway, since it doesn't seem
to actually have any CJK characters...

What does `fontset-font' do, anyway?


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