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Re: Feature request: dired-open-marked-files

From: Leo
Subject: Re: Feature request: dired-open-marked-files
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 11:25:01 +0000
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On 2009-03-15 07:47 +0000, Drew Adams wrote:
>> I've not examined them all in detail; let's just say that some of
>> them seem obviously useful and not dangerous, e.g., `dired-jump' and
>> `dired-do-find-marked-files' (I've seen the latter functionality
>> requested several times recently on #emacs), whereas others seem less
>> useful, and maybe don't merit a keybinding by default (e.g.,
>> `dired-man').  `dired-vm-read-only-folders' probably shouldn't be
>> there, as VM isn't distributed with emacs or really all that commonly
>> used (and for a long time, didn't even officially support
>> non-xemacs).

I can see and agree with Miles's point. If the maintainer of dired can
be brought on board and a few people (that understand dired well) can
work out a plan off line as a first step to re-organise dired code, we
might be able to make a move on this.

It often happens in Emacs that tons of people are voicing their opinions
and nothing gets done in the end. I remember once RMS agreed to bring
some functions from cl.el to emacs core, which is a window of
opportunity missed.

>> But I generally agree with you.  At the least, the split into dired
>> and dired-x seems arbitrary and deserves re-examination.

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