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RE: File name completion glitch

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: File name completion glitch
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 20:32:11 -0700

> > This denies the value of `[No match]' in letting you know that there
> > is no completion with the prefix you typed.
> When point is at the end of the minibuffer text, that is 
> still the case.

No, not if some match can be found using another match method in

The new default behavior is to try partial-completion if prefix completion
fails. And even with point at the end of the minibuffer, partial-completion can
succeed after prefix completion fails. You never see `[No match]'; instead, your
input is completed.

Just do `C-x C-f a- TAB', and see if you don't see plenty of completions
displayed, in spite of not having any file that starts with the prefix `a-'. You
lose the advantage of `[No match]' telling you there is no (prefix) match, which
often means you hit the wrong key.

Again, I'm not saying that combining partial-completion with prefix completion
is a bad thing. I'm saying only that this should not be the *default* behavior.

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