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Re: paths are sensative to double separators

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: paths are sensative to double separators
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 16:19:18 -0400
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> The question I asked is, will "hg://authority//foo" be converted to
> "hg://authority/foo"?

Assuming that the URL library is extended to understand the `hg'
protocol, and that url-handler-mode is modified to provide access to it:
no, such a conversion will not take place.

> Url-handler-mode is clearly broken in 22.1.1.

It's not very reliable in Emacs-23 either, to tell you the truth, which
is why it's not enabled by default.

> It doesn't understand the hg: scheme, so after enabling url handler
> mode, C-x C-f C-a C-k "hg://" ==> "/" in the minibuffer, and even

Indeed, there is no support for the `hg' protocol in the URL library.

> worse, C-x C-f C-a C-k "file:///Users/steve//.zshrc" RET ==> wrong
> type argument: stringp, nil.  I hope/assume this works better in 23,
> but maybe you should check.

Just checked: got the same error (plus a few other odd things along the
way).  Thanks for bringing it up,


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