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Re: url-get-url-at-point & url-get-url-filename-chars | comma-p

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: url-get-url-at-point & url-get-url-filename-chars | comma-p
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 21:18:15 -0400
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> The var `url-get-url-filename-chars' is bound globally to
> "address@hidden()_/:~=&"
> and called by `url-get-url-at-point' in ../lisp/url/url-util.el

> Why isn't comma (",")  defined as a valid URL character?

url-get-url-filename-chars doesn't actually define valid URL chars
(contrary to what its docstring claim), only chars that are likely to be
included in URLs that appear in the middle of other chunks of text, and
that are unlikely to be part of the surrounding text.

> (FWIW I seem to be encountering comma's in web URLs with increasing
> frequency).

It's likely that url-get-url-at-point will need to be updated if that's
indeed becoming the norm.  E.g. we already allow "." and then filter it
out if it appears as the last element.  We could do the same for ",".


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