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inter-client cut/copy paste & Small Caps

Subject: inter-client cut/copy paste & Small Caps
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 20:08:55 -0400

Can anyone confirm if inter-client copy paste will correctly
yank/insert Small Caps strings into an Emacs buffer from the
clipboard.  Is this even possible?  On emacsw32 when I yank in Small
Caps'd text from the clibboard I'm getting the text, but without the
caps properties.  Other w32 clients are correctly `interpreting' the
SmallCaps text and I'm unable to achieve reasonable translation on
emacs-w32.  I will check later this evening on a gnu/linux build if X
clients perform similarly.

While the case can be made that Small Caps are a typographical
convention the char translation I am currently getting is

"FAUX STRING OF SMALL CAPS" => "faux string of small caps"

I would expect a translation to:
"Faux String Of Small Caps"
or even;

i.e. something akin to `capitalize-region's or `upcase-region's
behaviour where Emacs can't reasonably interpolate the Small Caps
strings from the Clipboard contents.

Out of the box it doesn't appear that UTF-8 can even accommodate this
behavior in a reasonable way for the Latin scripts , i.e.
block U+1D00 - U+1D7F (Phonetic Extensions) provides _some_  Small
Caps encodings for 14 Latin Letters...

WTF? Obv. this isn't an Emacs problem per se but...


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