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the bzr switchover, how I got up to speed with bzr

From: Mike Mattie
Subject: the bzr switchover, how I got up to speed with bzr
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 13:44:26 -0700
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I read the discussion on the bzr switchover and I wanted to share
my experience with using bzr.

Before Bzr I used svn exclusively. To learn bzr I started off
using it in conjuction with svn. In fact I still do.

What I did is create a shared repository with a subversion
checkout of my project in it. I was then able to use
bzr to create "focused patches".

I learned how to use feature branches, shelve, and the
differences between commit,push, bound branches etc.

I would suggest to the developers who want to get
the hang of bzr before a flag day that this approach of
using bzr in conjunction with the existing RCS system (CVS)
is enormously beneficial.

In retrospect it was far better than doing a flag day and fumbling
with the learning curve. I knew I would botch things while I was
learning the ropes and I was able to scratch a few repositories after
some novice botches.

A tip from the peanut gallery for what it is worth.

Mike Mattie

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