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Re: Printing

From: Андрей Парамонов
Subject: Re: Printing
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 22:03:07 +0400

2009/3/29 Richard M Stallman <address@hidden>:
>    b) Use standard GTK+ printing facilities as GEdit and many other
>       applications do. Emacs is built with GTK+ interface for quite some
>       time now, so I suppose there should be no architectural problem in
>       using GTK+ for printing as well. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
> Sorry, that won't work.  Emacs can be built with several display
> platforms, GTK being just one.  Sometimes none is used.  I normally
> use Emacs on a tty and I want printing to work there too.

Yes, this is indeed an important requirement.

I think that neither GTK nor GhostScript depend on X per se. For
example, Debian installer uses GTK to provide multilingual user
interface from the very early stages of installation. I don't know if
the printing functionality of GTK actually requires X.

Thanks for your effort,
Andrey Paramonov

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