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Re: Emacs 23.0.92 pretest

From: Neal Becker
Subject: Re: Emacs 23.0.92 pretest
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 09:03:29 -0400
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Mikko Huhtala wrote:

> Builds without errors on Fedora 11 Beta on i686.
>     gcc-4.4.0-0.31.i586
>     glibc-2.9.90-11.i686
>     libX11-1.2-3.fc11.i586
>     libXft-2.1.13-2.fc11.i586
>     freetype-2.3.9-3.fc11.i586
>     gtk2-2.16.0-1.fc11.i586
> The mktime timeout is still there.

Don't forget libotf!  I maintain that for fedora specifically to support 

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