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Re: keyboard is intermittently ignored

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: Re: keyboard is intermittently ignored
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2009 14:15:27 -0400
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I can say more about this problem now.
when this happens, all frames ignore the keyboard except for the comint frame
(inferior ocaml, lisp, bash &c) which do respond.
i.e., I can type into the ocaml interaction buffer and then, after I do that,
other frames see the keyboard again too.
alas, if this happens when I do not have an interactive buffer, my only
recourse it so kill emacs...

Sam Steingold wrote:
emacs cvs head on amd64:
every now and then the keyboard is ignored for a while, then everything is back to normal. mouse works: I can select, paste, use menus (including undo), but the keyboard is silently ignored: I can type into xterm (actually, gnome terminal), thunderbird (like I am doing now), caps lock and num lock work fine - but emacs does not respond to any keypresses (including C-g and C-]). loadavg is 0. I cannot figure out what triggers this behavior and why the keyboard input resumes (usually, after a few minutes of inactivity). I am running under gdb, so if you tell me where to look, we can probably debug this problem together.

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