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RE: how to use graphic-display-p and window-system

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: how to use graphic-display-p and window-system
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 21:25:32 -0700

> >> and once that's done you may also provide another binding
> >> using a less standard key.
> > That's exactly what I'm doing. But I want to make that 
> > basic binding the default, when the context is unlikely
> > to not support the fancier keys.
> No, I really mean you provide both (or more) bindings at the same
> time, always.

It doesn't matter, but that is not the use case I have in mind. (And I already
do that.)

My question is about determining whether it is likely that a user is in console
mode, and consequently (probably) will not be able to simply hold down, say,
C-M-S-insert, to repeat the command bound to it. If that is likely, it is also
likely that the same thing will hold for `C-S-l', `C-M-TAB', and so on. Likely,
that's all.

(This is not about how a console user can fake the use of modifiers or remap
keys a la modmap or anything else along similar lines.)

>From what I gather, the answer is still that `window-system' is about as good 
it gets, for this heuristic test. And that's what Emacs itself seems to be using
for this, in several places.

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